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Canibus - Apocalyptic Reinforcements Lyrics

The horsemen, apocalyptic reinforcements
let's get it on then

… let's not even pretend, the speech plan you .. never heard before them
I … at the hour day, why the fuck do they give a fuck what I say
super natural ...channel.. the...power...and the tower babel
… 1000 ...fight niggers so you can't hide nothing up your sleeve
...back they collapse when I'm done with that … all over the track
you better kneel before ...and his 200 pounds bulldog
and you can fuck off and get a real job
pick the phone up identify that numbers
push dial 626 … they bring … plat face take over the place, give me space
participate every …
...last name war, when you stepped in me you telling me you trying to get loose
I'm a horseman, horseman.

Thanks to Andrei
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