Ace Hood - Number One Lyrics

(Ft. Sean McGee)

I can tell by her walk
She never…
And I can see in her eyes,
That she gonna hold a nigger down
Shawty … and ain’t afraid of…
Number one..
Baby how do you feel?
Number one, hey oh,
Number one,
Number one!

Baby, I’m dead nigger…
It’s time to blow your brains
And show you things you’ve never seen.
That’s right!
Here’s my black coat, go ahead and make it rain,
Shawty… in the game, let’s have a little…
She love a real nigger and ….
I make her…
Cause she’s there with the brain,
Cash money and…
Drop it off in the rain!


So tell me how it feels,
You’re fucking with the real,
No faking in my bones,
Hundred per cent real,
I never seen a dollar, juts … bills,
I call her…now watch the top…
A real bitch with me,
She keep her mouth sealed,
Every respect…
..nigger want it for real,
That’s why she…


..I like her,
If I’m sitting down,
write a letter show you right that,
Right there, do my work if I need her,
Take that,
She plays no games…


Thanks to madailui
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