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YOUNG JEEZY - The Real Is Black Lyrics

Same dramas on my momma
I serve them like million hundreds
Set the number down .. like they provide us
Swear i had the whole group fight like .. Mac Donaldís
.. but i lost 28 at least .. many niggers .. we donít wanna hear your imagination
Just state facts nigger if you did it you did it just donít lie
Nigger if you wasnít you wasnít just donít lie
.. fuck YouTube what you know about ... threat them just like ..
Canít even come outside they gotta stay in
canít put me off in the game I gotta play in
try to get that play though but love donít play though
gotta a case of calling your phone what is the connection
.. reception .. have a nigger lie in your face how you respect him
In the kitchen .. like my baby momma .. is baby drama
.. nigger play more side .. make moves like Tarantino
Last time I was telling you shit bigger than Nino
Bigger than Nino .. money spit it out like .. like .. need money
.. you know is d money .. and my auntie is selling that shit like it was Avon
You all know what is real what is fake .. vanilla shake
Call it when you are ripping .. vanilla smoothie
Call it shit with your back .. low cast these niggers ..
I donít give a fuck it has been 10 years I can come back 10 years and find ..
All I need .. who got pasta sweets like Ö drive 500 is cool .. turn up your beeper
Excuse-me miss..Jay-Z you think I am missing money you are crazy
And all these niggers .. prays me .. I only know one way Ö so I track God

Thanks to feel