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K. Michelle - Freestyle Medley Lyrics

I'm looking good, I'm having fun
This is the best night of my life
I'm off at that patron, I need a ride home
Boy this could be the best night of your life
It's K. Michelle on your Mf'n radio
Somebody calland ask Jive what they waiting for
Fuck it, it don't matter though
Cause I'm still a star, I'ma shine baby even if they let me go
Thank you for the titties and the teeth though
I keep trying to tell them tell them I ain't Kesha Cole
No disrespect though, I'm in the club with my heels on
Watching Black Chyna swing down the pole
King of diamonds you can find me throwing money like a niggah do
You ain't doing nothing I got liquor too
I break it too, shout out to my haters, what you wanna do?
Cause eyes taking niggahs too
From the hood, we feeling good, this is the best night of our life

Lupe, do you mind if we have sex? Whoa
Lupe I think your latest album is the best
Boy we can watch tv with the sound off
Pour salt around the bed, keep the sex demons out
Do you mind if I wear my reeboks
Cause with these heels on I can't make it drop
I know this shit's unusual, sex with a mermaid in the pool
Why you sitting there looking confused?
Gotta set of monkey bars in my room,
I can swing from them or I swing from you
You think he'll call me?

All I care about is money in the city where I'm from
I'ma sip it till I feel I'ma drink it till it's gone
I don't really give a fuck and my excuse is that I'm grown
And I'm only get older, and somebody should have told ya
I'm on one, god damn it, I'm on one
How you banned me from the building, what the fuck did I do wrong
I was sitting watching tv and my video is wrong
And on top of all shit you tell me that my budget gone
If he ain't got no hits why don't you send his ass home?
I'm on one, god damn it, I'm on one
Listen, let me keep going.

Thanks to @i_am_unapologetic (amber) for correcting these lyrics
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