Deitrick Haddon - Stand My Ground Lyrics

Verse 1

If you believe it, you can conceive it, you can be it never be defeated/ I'm a Winner, not a loser no. if i put my mind to it, yep i can do it/ you can watch me reach my goals


Gotta keep pushing harder/ I refuse to give up now/ OH NO/ I come to far to turn back now/ Gotta keep working hard, Harder/ I refuse to give up now/ Oh No/ I shall not be moved i will stand my ground

I'm a fighter/ I'm not a quiter/ When you say i can't do it/ I will push thru it/ I will make you out of a liar/ Please believe me. I know it won't be easy/ But if i get knocked down i will get up/ baby i'm gonna stand my ground


Repeat I'm gonna stand my ground Ima ima ima ima make you a believaa

Verse 3

u gone, u gone , u gone call me the Winaaa/ You step back man you just a beginnaa/ Yep this call is the saint and the sinnaaa/ Don't tell me what i can do when already did it/ entertainers everywhere they just don't want to admit it/ You must have forgot man i been here for a minute / Gonna stand my ground don't don't don't don't you forget it

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