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Jhene Aiko - Do Better Blues Part 2(Marvins Room Remix) Lyrics

Three blunts rolled up
Hennessy in my cup
He always told me slow up
I never really gave a f-ck
We havenít spoke in 3 years
I wish that he could be here
Iím tryna fight through these tears
But Iíma call him anyway and tell him

F-ck this shit, Iím missing you so bad
I know you still think of all the times we had
I said f-ck that shit that I was on before
Back then I didnít know but now Iím for sure

Ohhhh, oh
Iím just saying Iíll do whatever
To get you back, yeah, Iíll do whateverrr
Tell me have I said that ever?
Without you here I cannot do better
Without you here I cannot do better (Ohhh)

And I just been sitting here going crazy
Been thinking about the baby that we almost had
Thought I moved on, but I didnít
Like who am I kidding?
Shit, itís all been bad
He threw a party, yeah he threw a party
Remember Marvin when he threw a party
We went to his room and shit got retarded
Hate that I used no protection, Iím sorry

I need you right now, are you down to listen to me?
I think that was something was slipped in my drink
I know youíre thinking how dumb can I be
Shouldnít be there anyway, Iím ashamed
That night was my first time trying cocaine
After we split up, nothingís been the same
Iíve been caught up living in the fast lane
Itís been two months and Iím scared cause Iím late

Emotions are mixed up
I am just a crazy girl
Lucky that you picked up
Lucky that you stayed on
I need someone to be my savior
Could it be youuu?

Iím just saying Iíll do, Iíll do whatever
Without you here I cannot, I cannot do better
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
It only gets better with you
And I am only better with you
Itís true

Baby, Iíll do whatever I gotta do
Whatever I gotta prove
Iíll do it, Iíll do it
Iíll do it

Cause I been drinking, I been smoking
Way too much and way too often
And I need you, and I need you right now
I need you now

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