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BIG K.R.I.T. - Tunnel Vision ft. Tony Williams Lyrics

No time to waste don’t worst the pace
Life time shelf no time to chase no time to wait for dough the ..
on the will cause everyday ain’t sun
.. ’cause you’re living like fresh
You might blow it out ..the only .. look your ..
Throwing money like looking they miss they look at the table
double your .. f*ck ..while chilling the village talking shit to a ..
.. trippin overseas .. flyin out ..thinking might ...
..from the scalp ¬Ďcause if the dead ..if you aint¬í bout money nigga what you out ..

...you life getting high
Getting in all the time what you can’t buy
..over drive or you never .... live no fly
¬Ďcause you .. starving you ain¬ít talking money ..party
¬Ďcause even ..you¬íre starving ...

You wonder why check upon your .. is a ..
I got you on the corner .. on a moment you could die for those choose if you really really ..
So come up..don’t be cut up in the .. to you
Don’t be cut up in the flight play no key motha f*ck a flash and light
What means the world to you you wanna much more but the world ..
Do no more friends something has changed
Never in the hood cause it ain’t the same
Money breathe .. when they ask for ..but you really came ..
Turn the .. finish your .. see your ision ..cause aint’ shit ..
Seemed over night overcome your tears
You don’t wanna play you .. all the time you came by
..cause you the .


Thanks to garbo
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