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Canibus - Lullaby of Champions (Empathy Remix) Lyrics

Three Iím recording this in solitude
Probably .. moment to talk to you
Iím an old .. so walk with you all of you ..
Plus Iíve got a lot of jewels ..you got choose the ..
.. the world is possible in the ..
The God is the ..above watch us angels ..obstacles to stop us
Fear shut down the evolution process
Chaos thatís what they wanna accomplish
They ..Lord do the back door storm the massive war
No the real samurai stand up .. just f*cked the ..
think about it ..bad luck I see men
Just need to abandon them ...
I tell you what happen ..pockets ..confusion to control us ..
..people like ..they escape in the commotion
I canít tell you that angels believe in you
They believe in me ..and the rights never .. to deceive you
You never see me do nothing ..and thatís ícause I ainít gonna leave you
..fight the impossible Iím sayin the same thing .. each other
I love it and I ..truth the same thing eleven is coming but we gotta figure it out ..

Thanks to garbo