Tanya Stephens - GET A LIFE Lyrics

Verse 1:
I dream of a better life
Although it easier fi get a gun right now than fi get a knife
The system designed fi me live a 'hot-stepper' life
But me swear me must get a life out of this
Uh huh... yeah yeah

while those on the outside a judge
and predict how mi life a go play out
A the ones on the inside who I trust the most a dem a try block my way out
The system designed psychologically fi tek a life
But me swear me must get a life out of this

So let the rain fall, And let the wind blow
Cause after the rainfall must come a rainbow
I keep dreaming of a better life, cause me must get a life

Verse 2:
Every word every action
every finger keep pointing in the same direction
A just one reason me fight,
me fight fi be the exception
You can say all you want to but me must get a life out of this

Rept. hook

Verse 3:
Easy to judge from a distance
Overlook the stimuli, gwaan 'pree' the response
Uptown a life, down yasso is a dream
Cause the gully runs deeper than it seems
Got to keep dreaming of a better life
Cause me must get a life!

Rept. hook

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