Gerardo Ortiz - Devil´s Commando Lyrics

I defend the Cartel with my hands
Defending it I entertain myself
I like the job
With my AK-47 and grenede launcher
Bulletproof vest tight to my chest
I follow the boss´ orders
On watch 24/7 loyalty is my priority that way
bills get on time
I get a daily list of those who wanne outsmart us,
dont wanne pay, jump us or betrayed us
I hang with a devils commando
my equipment is rare and my torturing skills
is something i cant explain
And since im explainig my job
ima reveal some details
i was born in culiacan
my assingment is to kill
and end all bad things
100% sinaloense´s blood
you will see me with boots and cowboy hat
i live in the city as well as the mountains
i fall asleep wherever dawn meets me
I leave with a ¨see you soon¨¨
and a candle in honor of death
my name is under the shadows
but you might find it in this corrido
even the devil is scare of me
he´s not brave enough to meet me face to face
and if one day he wants to take me
i fucking shoot his ass in hot(quickly)
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