EVAN & JARON - How Many Times Lyrics

I'm finding it so hardFor you not to understandThat if I loved you girlI would take your handI would tell you that I love youAnd that I want you for meThen I would pray to godThat it would always beHow many times to I have to say noA few more times maybe then you'll go awayMade up my mind not to talk aboutMy heart said no but there ain't no doubt anywayIf this is loveThat you're looking forYou got to go knockingOn someone else's doorThe time is rightI guess I should goWhen I see you againI really don't know(chorus)What am I supposed to doAll of a sudden fall in love with you(chorus)I'm finding it hardFor you not to understandThat if I loved you girlThen I would take your hand(chorus)
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