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Billy Mays Vs Ben Franklin - Epic Rap Battles Of History Ep. 10 Lyrics

[Epic Rap Battles Of History]
Ben Franklin versus Billy Mays Begin.

[Benjamin Franklin (January 17, 1706 [O.S. January 6, 1705] Ė April 17, 1790) Ė Lloyd Ahlquist]

Iím big Ben Franklin, and this shan't be pretty
Let me instruct you how we battle in the city of Philly
You couldnít sell Rick James a bag of crack, youíre out of practice
My victory's more certain than death or taxes
Fact is:
Youíre a hack
Wack QVC joke
You peddle soap
That cleans bird sh&t from my windows
Iíll craft a lyrical coffin and then spit the nails in
Call me Arthur Miller son cause itís death of a salesman!

[William Darrell "Billy" Mays, Jr. (July 20, 1958 Ė June 28, 2009) - Colin J. Sweeney]

Hi Billy Mays here with a special TV offer.
Watch me crush this bald fat foppish founding father
Iíll take my awesome auger and sow your quaker oats
Iíll shoot your rhymes down like a regiment of red coats
Iím the lord of the pitch and leader in home sales
Youíre just a lumpy pumpkin who invented the mail
Bennyís got kiteín key but youíre in for a shock
When I strike you with bolts from my lightening rod c%ck

[Benjamin Franklin - Lloyd Ahlquist]
I protest these intolerable raps
It takes just one easy payment for me to whoop your @ss!
Cause Iím mint, Iím money!
Iím an educated gentleman so join or die Bill.
Cause itís all about the Benjamin

[Billy Mays - Colin J. Sweeney]
But wait! Thereís more!
(RIP BILLY MAYS Ė 1958 Ė 2009 ďLord of the PitchĒ)
Is there anyone out there who could finish this battle? Anyone? Anyone?

[Offer "Vince" Shlomi (born April 25, 1964), known as Vince Offer or the ShamWow! Guy - Nice Peter]

I can , You following me camera guy?
Cause itís about to get furious
Youíre gonna love my nuts until youíre bi-focal-curious
Your boy George chopped down trees
You couldnít break a piece of balsa
Slap chop your face
Make a double chin salsa
Your style is so broke
They call you Poor Richard
Itís bad enough I gotta see you every-time I tip a stripper
Vince against a founding father is just too bad
Cause after this America is gonna lose a Dad

[Billy Mays Vs Ben Franklin]
Epic Rap Battles of History

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