Vedo The Singer - Set it on fire Lyrics

I look around and sting i know i lose control of my body
But i love this feeling and i
Been feeling the bases of my chest like iíve been hit with a shawety
And i canít stop provin tonight
And for some reason i canít feel the melody my arms
Itís like i can dance forever
I could feel the snaring every move
We can party for long but we only got one night

To set it on fire, fire fire
letís go to the room ..down
and thereís no getting tired, tired, tired
tonight is gonna be tthe night
can we run this town
letís party forever
letís go to the room
letís falling down
letís party forever
itís nice gonna feel it the night
we set it on fire, fire.

Iím feeling crazy Ďcause itís like i fell in love with the dance floor
And i love this feeling and i
Donít wanna stop Ďcause itís giving me more than i can ask for
And i canít stop grooving tonight
Itís unbelievable i feel the ..pumping through my vain
Itís like i dance forever
Feel the rhythm taking in my brain we can party for life
But we only got one night


I can feel he bases out my body and i
Donítí know what to do
I just wanna dance all night
Baby i just wanna do it with you
Dance dance dance dance dance
Growing up my hands hands
She took me by the hand hand hand
We can party for long but we only got one night


Thanks to garbo
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