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POPCAAN - Only Man She Want Lyrics

Popcaan - Only Man She Wants Lyrics

She have her man but
Popcaan a the only man she want
the only man she want, yeah
She no care if she a him fight
or if him drive lef her at the stop light
Me a the only man she want
the only man she want yeah

[verse 1]
Her man say she very special
yeah, very special
the gal a try I me nah lie
war upon the front line, nah lie
him will buy her the world you know star
cha, the house and the car
still she she waan gi me di thing
inna the restroom a di bar, ey
She willing fi wine pon the pole
willing fi gi me any weh pon the toll
All when him a search her phone
a Popcaan a every ring tone
Him fuss her and call her whore
same friend said the relationship poor
As him gone and turn him back
she a link up over Portmore

Him tell her fi stop say him a go chop
Say him a go shoot, say him a go shot
Popcaan a the only man she want
the only man she want yeah
Him tell her she cheap, say him a go cheat
Say she a go weep say him a go beat
but me a the only man she want,
the only man she want yeah

[verse 2]
say she love off the plait up hair youth
cut off foot jeans me no haffi wear suit
her man is wealthy me no haffi use loot
and a nuff time she tell me mi nuh fi use (shhhh)
The gal a fight fi me like American troops
She have me real bad, chargi she a mi dupes
Don't care if he lef her with cut up and bruise
A Poppi a the man weh she choose

[chorus x 2]

[verse 1]


Thanks to Ed Hayes

Thanks to Julie Mango for correcting these lyrics
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