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Outasight - Near The End Ft. Freddie Gibbs Lyrics

Well thereís a right time and a right place
Mexico City and a steel briefcase
Filled with the soul
Of a young man
And thereís a holy ghost on the other side
Looking for a bed to close his eyes
While he gets away
From the routine
We on the go
Route 66
Convertible and a bunch of chicks
I canít complain
Lifeís been good to me
Scotch on the rocks
And pacific coasts
Block the wind
And Light the roach
We outta here
Iím signen offÖ
(Donít you close your eyes youíll miss all the fun)
Well thereís a right time and a right place
2 technics in a metal case
And a bb gun
Donít shoot your eye
And Kerouac is in the back
Fill the shelf
and clean the rack
its apropos, watup bro
we on the go
rockin till the wheels fall off the side
Aint no rims to spin
To my chagrin
A pack of blues
Coltrane speakers
And converse shoes.
Lace em up, we on the run.
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