Calliko - 3 Blind Mice Lyrics

ft. Emilio Rojas

Three blind mice. Three blind mice.
See how they run. See how they run.
They all ran after the farmer's wife,
Who cut off their tails with a carving knife,
Did you ever see such a sight in your life,
As three blind mice?

Itís the return of the live niggers,
The realest back high 5 niggers
Last supper all the chosen gonna die with us
You getting head but your bitch getting high with us
Frequent flyÖ Iím worldwide bitch, Iím bussing through your airways
Fuck your Ö if you charging for the airplay
Know I ainít a kid I ainít in the reindeer games
I pull up in that large truck
Talking style fresh out the toys r us
Been all medicinal since Iím getting them star bucks
Now niggers see me and instantly gotÖ
You see them clouds Iím on number 9
Itís callieÖ the smart cap with the bunch of lies
Itís that Ö mcís trying to duck and dodge
With this copper flow I am so motherfucking high
Since I move Ö my whole career changed
Met a lot of these rappers hop out of their lanes
And got high bitch my buzz on octane
Sold out shows with the hoes screaming my name
I donít need your fake love or your invitations
Just tell the promoter to have my bottle waiting
Give me my money up front, jeweler take the payment
Better get it while itís Ö before I get famous
We was starting to listen the niggerÖ
Now these tracks I used to beg rappers just to spit on
Too much traffic on my dick, hereís the exit, get off
Now itís rose and down to earth women
Ö tried to tell them but these niggers just couldnít get it
Now they wonder how this small town nigger did it
The top I got my sights on, but the sky feel like Iím on my way home
Leaning on the window by the days off
Itís all work, no play, no days off

Cause Iím a motherfucking leader,
I turn them haters to believers
If you blind come and follow, come and follow me

Öyou try to make me mad, now Ö
Iím trying to make you feel important,
If I try Ö I canít do it though
I had stupid flow since I was a Ö
Now itís Nirvana whenever you hear the musicÖ
And I canít help but laugh cause thereís a truth in all
She like it but she fuck me more
Iím in your house and Iím standing on your couch like the fucking floor
Shut the door, Iím trying to have some privacyÖ
If you finding me offensive then itís fine with me
Pissing people off now is all that inspires me
Ö motherfuckers pay attention to the details

Cause Iím a motherfucking leader,
I turn them haters to believers
If you blind come and follow, come and follow me.