Lil Boosie - BR To Da NO Lyrics

(ft BG)

Do it nigga
Know what it is
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Ain’t gonna lie I be in the streets
365 days of the week
Why you out there tryna get me dog
I’m VL just tryin to get me
Jizzle was a gangsta jizzle is a rider
If get high then tryin get higher
I’ll be cent who came from the wire
Don’t make a nigga set yo house on fire
Play with a nigga if want that ain’t play a good idea
I know where your mama, ya cousin sister, and auntie live
I run with gangstas run with goons, 187 platoon
And i’m f*cking with this bad azz dude nigga.

Yo Jizzle, watup my dog.
When the shit go down i’ma boss my dog
1 2 3 4 we gon touch em all
Since the hotboy niggas couldnt touch my dog.
Want play? You gon lay in the trees like the birds and bees when talking shit.
But i gotta cliq of g's who jump out trees cock it back like chalker piss.
Purple comin out the roof of the Bently Coupe, so high so fly Like a private plane.
You can lose your mind but I’m dying for mine.
Then we come to shoot up yo second line.
Won't stop til I get rich, like hoes dont stop til they get dick.
Street niggas cant deny this, cause boosie do this hot shit.. Yeahh.

Who'd a thought, a nigga like from one of the worst cities and one of the worst blocks..
Woulda sold many records, sent gunshots and ducked gunshots.
Standing at the top, glock in my pocket, leaning on the wall with a joint in mouth.
You cant play with me if you want to and watch me pull this mutherfucker out.
Even though Im a living legend Jizzle still the same.
Going out this mothafucka same way i came
Out Louisiana, you know who the realest.
Boosie and doodie, they rap it but man we live it

Fuck the worlds a recession huh, niggas stressin huh, tryna chase this cheese.
30% real niggas, 70% make believe..
Slang iron like a western movie, dont test lil boosie, it could turn out bad.
Put a lil change on ya brain, make ya die comin back, make ya main mane bust ya ass.
I''l fuck ova them like Souljah Slim, cutthroat til the bone grip.
On sight broadday like lil donkey nigga, this beef you don't want it nigga.
You can fuck with mine if you too, you want this beef? Better ask yourself.
When Im coming for yo ass, yo ass grass, bitch might as well bag yourself.
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