Professor Green - Avalon Lyrics

Yeah... yeah...
Yeah... yeah...

Whatever's asked to me I perform,
I rip through the rain into the eye of the storm,
Still carrying the flame... eye of the torch,
Comes at a price I can't afford,
Never been half hearted I put my all in,
Just to answer my calling,
Wearing the scars of the wars that I fought in,
Should'a been heading for the stars but I'm falling,


I fought till I had the fight left,
Risked my death,
Walked with conviction in everyone of my steps,
My strengths watery enough,
To wash away any of the stains on my rep,
Yeah... I fought off vulcher's,
When I When I was short and soldiers,
I asked not for my burden to be light and,
What if I may have broader shoulders,
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Professor Green Lyrics

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