Ray Lavender - Pay For It Lyrics

Sheís doing things to me Iíve never seen
Doing things Iíve never failed before
I didnít spend about a grand already
And Iím bout to spend some more

Girl itís about foe Iím tryin leaving you
... can i be honest with you
The way youíre moving sexy hips
Got me wondering can you do that in my room
And i donít like her Iíve been pitching me inning
Making this love to you
Get your money girl donít forget the ..Dj no
Canít way to see you with the ..i wanna get it on with you
And try to come up to disrespectful but girl i

Pay for it, pay for it, pay for it, pay for it
Girl i pay for it oho
I donít .. you can get this money ..
Shawty i pay for it girl i pay for it
I be your pipper this money ..

.. base me gotta poll in it
And nothing to make it right right
And i can get it all night
Girl iím about to make you sight
Girl from your lips to your ..
Girl youíll make me wanna do some things to you
No matter credit the debit
iíve even digging my favorite ..
girl i swipe my .. you can have it all
get your money .. Dj oh no
canít wait to see you with .. get it on uuh
i donít mean no .. disrespectful..


Pay it for your service
And iím tricking cause i got it
You can get this money from me
Get this money from me


Pay for it, pay for it, girl i pay for it