Dave East - Trading Places Lyrics

Baby when i look at you
I’m on my dream as go

Time in time i think about the time we spent while i ride in the
Bad .. got me high and ride
Thinking bout the time we kissed
Skin so soft i guess so long so many things i wanna do to you
The feelin that we’re feelin is mutual
Not to mention girl that you’re beautiful
I thank you off drop you off
When i go to work you’re not enough
Right to sleep I’m right to the streets
Tame my time when i eat like i write to the ..
Lady in the street but a freak in the bed
Loud in here we chief in the .. got a key to the ..
Gotta keep up ..wanna sleep and i’m creeping the stare
So many emotions but i’m smoking don’t hear that
What an ocean with another bitch and i’m stroking
So they fear that i forgot my charges so i aint
Get your text and i got that side with d and my chest
Got the eyes on me ‘cause i’m the next
I’m moving side with d ‘cause i’m enxt ..
Let em up with .. got a bottle ..finest
I’m on a new sign ..protest ..easy like a ..
And I’m back to the money i will lay up
From the bottom nigga move way up
See me on my brand new bitch and you hate us

You ain’t gotta stay too much i got you trading places
I got you making faces, got you making faces
Got you got you making faces
Girl if you got work tonight just let me be your day chef
Let me be your day, let me let me be your day chef
I’ve been working you so long i’m grindin not a patience
Grindin not a pay grindin grindin not a patience
I can’t wait to get you naked trading places
I can’t wait to get you naked trading places

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