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ABBA - Merry-go-round Lyrics

I have tried in vain never had successSo, it seems my life is nothing but a messI have lost my only friendNow it seems I have to start againChorusMerry-go-roundWhere am I boundWith my love and feelingsMerry-go-roundWho wants to kiss meAnd hug me amd miss meYes, who wants to do itI wish that I knew itMerry-go-roundWish I had foundSomebody to care forWhere am I boundLife is so lonelyIf life is just onlyTo love with my lovingGoes round and roundLooking for someoneWho would want to stayI might find herWith a bit of luck one dayBut who knowsSo, until thenI can only try and try againRepeat chorus (2)
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