RYAN ADAMS - September Lyrics

Laura lays on the foot of the bed
Mimics a noose with a telephone cord
Doctor's on the phone

Then she hangs up and says
"I ain't never gonna see the winter again"
And I don't know how, but she smiles
September, September
September, September

They carved your name into the stone and then
they put it in the ground,
I run my fingers through the grooves
When no one's around
Drink till I am sick and
Then I talk to myself in the dog days of the summer
Then I feel you coming but I don't know how
September, September
September, September
Writer(s): Bradley Smith Pemberton, Jonathan Graboff, Ryan Adams, John P Bowersock, Catherine Anne Popper
Copyright: Lousy Lovers Music, Jonarosa Music, Barland Music, Bucket O' Fish Music, Halcon Blanco Music
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