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FUTURE - Motion Picture Lyrics

Think Like A Man Soundtrack

Motion picture we gon make a motion picture
Take it all, take it all
take it all off ..
take it all, take it all

I wanna see you take it all off for me
I can't help but to stare the way you move your body
'cause we gon' hit the club and we gon' make a movie
(let's make it)
and after make a motion picture
we gon' make a motion picture
don't worry bout the rumors girl it's not what you think
gonna turn you to a star in this motion pic with me
we gon' start up in the club and have some drinks and when we leave,
we gon' make a motion picture, we gon' make a motion picture

We gonna hit the club and go through VIP
we gonna drank Rose all night and sip on bubbly
we gonna toast it up and roll it up just you and me
we gonna be the best of friends don't care bout nobody
we know we ain't the same we always step out fresh and clean
no matter who in the club its always bout you and me
can cherish every moment that we spin in this movie
I'ma cherish every moment that I spend in this movie

Yeah yeah the way you move your body
we gonna make a motion picture at this party
we gonna start our on move don't invite nobody
and this next scene is all I wanna see


We wasted in the club we done got past tipsy
it's me and you together that's why I'm livin out a dream
like your favorite song when it come on i try my best to make you scream
and the way you move your body girl I want on my team
I like the way you make me feel when we step out on the scene
you make me feel like nothing else gonna matter you a queen
it's time to make a motion picture I'ma be your king
and how did i get off I'ma turn you to a Fein yeah yeah
the way you move your body
you can make a married man leave his wifey
we had to make a motion picture after that party girl on this next scene this all I wanna see


Dont you listen to the rumors
they gonna hurt you like a tumor
in a room full of crowded people
girl you was all I see
I wanna see you
Take it off, take it off
take it all off we can go to the club
have a ball out
I wanna see you
Take it off, take it, take it all off,take it off,take it off


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