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Image - Intro: Selah Lyrics

Verse 1: "Image"

ive c'in a lot, dne a lot voodoo so real believe dat..
i drunk milk from da left breast, dat nite i almost died bt it wasnt time
Yep born & raised in Haiti
Ima zoe boy, dat went 2 church on da daily...
I was force 2 go most of da time cuz i didnt really care about God he was a
waste a time..
from da age of 7 i lost my virginity in da bathroom 2 my maiden..
since my innocent was tooked, so i decided 2 grabbed dis life by da hook..
chilling wit my cuzzins fighting after skool lyk it was nothing...
Til my dad sent da passport ,now im leaving Haiti chilling in da airport...

I pray dat u listen
Dont worry bout da beat...(2x)

Verse 2: "Image"

Arrived 2 da U.S. at da age 10
By da age of 13 i made a lot of friends
I still played my native sport
Would i made it if i stayed, only God knws..
bt i must say my motives dne changed..
i just wanna thug it out wit my dawgs man..
so by age of 15 i was in a click..
Traffic Boi til i die, taut i never quit..
b street hot, hitting lics 4 fun
Got in trouble wit da law, my momma crying sum...
Tryna sell dope bt it didnt push, so i sign wit tme im tired of being
chasing fame but sumthing still missing i was only 17 bt i felt empty..
I didnt realized i was dead fam..
cuz i didnt hav Jesus Christ in my heart man..

I pray dat u listen
Dont worry bout da beat...(2x)

I finally went 2 church
Listening 2 a sermon, feeling lyk a jerk..
I started asking God wats da purpose of living cuz i feel im running out of
Had suicide tauts going thru my head
Da devil is liar he only wanted me dead.
Got on my knees & ask 4 forgiveness, realized erthin i taut was real was
really faking...
I only got my Faith in Christ...
woked me up lyk Lazarus He made me alive..
Now as im getting older, i 3G erday cuz He's my savior..
Ephesians 2:8 He choose me, time is running out repent & believe...
Ima Good Boy cuz im Christ Bound, Go To God Now or stay Hell Bound...

I pray dat u listen
Dont worry bout da beat...(2x)
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