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NINO BROWN - Lyrical Exercise Lyrics

This one of them songs that feels so sound, so good
We the best
Bitch Iím Nino Brown, I donít see no clown
Leave them niggas dead till they find corn
Riding in theÖ good weed Iím blowing up
My bitch in the bed in some secrets victoria
Iíma tear that pussy up soon as I get home
The trap keep on calling I ainít answering my phone
Let it Ö Iím gone, please do not disturb
If the police asking for me, please donít say a word
You heard, you rights remain silent
Find out a nigga snitching, then I become violent
Bitch Iím in the kitchen, bagging up a pound and
Warming out some water, bout to throw this ounce
And then bounce and then flip it
These niggas is trippin, moma Ö banks, she give it to the bitches
Bitches ainít shit, hoes ainít either
Bitch get off your ass, go and roll a reefer
Öniggas I donít see them, they be sleeping on me
Talent Ö Iím in the bm, 747 Ö kidnap a nigga,
Make his whole family miss him
Itís my heat cold, haters die slow, go hard on your job
Iím still getting dough
20 for a show, 30 for a feature, these rappers appetizers
Donít make a nigga eat you
Donít make me take my belt off, donít make a nigga beat you
He acting like Beyonce, ol faggot ass diva
A drink Ö to a sleeper, success come to the people
Who turn they Öass niggas to believers
Bitch I had it hard, they laid me off my job
They left me 2 choices, sell dope or rob
And I ainít gonna rob, that ainít the way to go
Ö so now Iím on the ave, pockets full of slab
Eagle in my pocket, Ö
Laugh now, cry later, live a sucker, die a hater
Real niggas get your motherfucking paper
Doctor smelling weed smoke through the respirator
Penthouse top floor, Iím on the elevator
Iím just tryna dodge the undertaker, critics underrated
Thy try to under pay us, Öfucking hater
Ball hard like 24 on the lakers
Real nigga youíre a fuckin faker
A bulldozer like the tractor trailer
They come disguised as a fucking favor
Hey, you know I smoke Jamaica
My killers out of ÖI only ride for Ö these unreleased jordans

Had to stop this recording, I reminisce about myÖ
So I bought her a Porsche and some red bottom, now she got them
Now I make the stupid bitch swallow, Iím the leader, youís a fucking follower
Boy donít catch a fucking holler.