Childish Gambino - One Up Lyrics

[Hook: Childish Gambino]
Yea, we party Ďtil the sun up
You ainít liking what we doing Ė shut up
You ainít liking what we doing Ė shut up
We got that extra life, nigga one up

[Verse 1: Steve G Lover]
Fuck the recession, Iíma keep this thing going
If you ainít know 'em, I bet you probably still work for Ďem
Chick from Bermuda, thatís right I get my work foreign
They donít get paid, I got hard dick and purp for 'em
Niggas out of line, get a shovel in the dirt for Ďem
Niggas wanna move, get the trucks and the shirt for Ďem
OG status, my jobís got perks for Ďem
Money, clothes, hoes, you ainít ever gotta search for Ďem
You know what Iím doing, nigga Iíma do things
Getting to the money, I guess I got a few things
Fifteen nines, five dimes, only two chains
Smoke like Jamaicans, run it like Iím Usain
Fresh from the haircut down to the shoestrings
Hoes talk about me, Iíma need a new name
Steve G the prince, Iím looking like the new king
All I do is win so who the hellís losing

[Hook] X2

[Verse 2: Childish Gambino]
Bino what the dealy, I heard that flow was silly
I heard you was so east side and that pussy's your Achilles
But really itís time to get up, smoking on that get up
Bino lay it down and work it out like a sit up
Iím feeling like a winner, my living be so easy
My old girl look Leona, my new girl look [ukemi?]
So illy, I got espressos, mi mami give me besos
Shades on my face, Armani helping me lay low
D-Money get his name, these other niggas lame
These niggas used to hate, I guess ainít nothing changed
Shotgun in the Porsche, she donít know where we going
American Royalty on that yolo Ralph Lauren
Itís that city where Luda be, stunting was new to me
But now we killing paper, fuck it I might just shoot a G
Leave your face open like you Breezy, I mean it
Nobody need to see nobody leaking, believe me

[Hook] X2
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