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Jordan James - Wasn't Expecting This Lyrics

We've been fighting for so long
why other still care
you keep stressing me how I'm gonna do it all
insecurity is so bad
you keep tell the same old story I heard em all before
your friends keep telling the same old rumors
I play them all before yeah yeah
this is even so so ashamed
the lesson in my heart and we playin games
this is even so so ashame
the lesson in my heart and we playin games yeah yeah
you know
anyone it to know
now they want it to know
where we go in
I'm gone

2 x
You meet me with a boom boom pow
you really really shot me down
I wasn't expecting this
I wasn't expecting this

There ain't missing you, there ain't no missing us
you're just a reason I'm living..I'm giving up wow
I'm tired of the silly games you check crap about me
tell your friend you know it's bloody lane
I this the overload,
I'm kicking you out like you over grow
you missing me babe we were supposed to love
what babe took an overdose
now you're crying to yourself complaining that you're missing me
talking to your friends now you're not not you're listen me
I was tryin to move on, I'm just trying to hold me back
I'm just tryin to keep it groove
you're just tryin to missing up
out of this bullshit you turn to run stupid
I'm playing games, you're playing games,
we fuck around and play.. wow
I'm not here no more
the love really gone is o clear so I'm gone
I'm gone
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