Pill - You'on Want Lyrics

Don't bother toast chucks no spice three hundred
a real street nigga and a fire of P hunder
you'd better get your goons if you telling me problem
got shirt spring it up and they read you'on want it
you'on want it hoe, I thought I told your last time
you'on want it hoe, 'cause I've been on the blast mine
you'on want it hoe, I thought I told you last time
you'on want it hoe, 'cause I've been on the blast mine

Wipe my pimpin down, D chuss ain't comfort walls
escape my swag sweet heart and write that down
I'll probably call you it was..ghetto sign
and right now is bar with toast 18 at the time
in the expedition would far the hoe then nigga think he's special
he always kill some bitches I'd treat that..special
if a nigga want some stiches
and you don't sike with a blunt die
that do whatever plan die, it's an aunty pulling my cotel
but I'm doing whatever her mom lights
I'm clicked up they cold up my shit tup like hole up
wanna mine they talk that shit that's another nigga we can pole up
they wind with me that three with me,
that eighty V they know what's up
4 4 that pink city then we all throwing them poes up


Your hokies watching my feet
like babe what kind of show to me
you're telling me your home but shoulder
like bro I think she choose the pill
but I'm thinner in up right now like bitch would
dime my people number baby if you wanna get picked up
this sofa pist I'm with me cause me and my Nicky standing on
we in the big on ham, why you're clicking on stumble on
the police ass niggas, that might that be damn,
we show this cash nigga, my hope is slanging in..
I swear the baby Jesus you'on want it with my Jesus
I was raised by them niggas digging answers I've been please us
hey Kim the coy can't see P, pira home on the rose
..wood been the..wood..I ain't met with G's
I've been my..

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