Uno Hype - We Were Kings Lyrics

(ft. Hassani Kwess )

If these hoes wanna chose, let 'em chose then
Diamonds and shaping with squares, fuck you then
When I'm in the club, trying to find a little friend
Never chase my vodka with juice, is too thin
I know you feel me, if you do, let go
Hard times in the... get me through quicker
But you gotta know the place when you play your part
Cause that's why... I'm fuckign with the new niggas
Listen to me! I got a dream and I scheme... of my plot
And one more thing, things won't crack what I bought
On my block... ain't got the talent I got the vest while life shoots me, my shot
I already got a berry and it's called a struggle
When you witches whack me both is called a hustle
And I doubt that you will make it out, it's called a muscle
And with the weak cocaine, I call it muscle.
And I work it out, and hurts sometimes
But damn, life is worthy now,
and I'm trying to fill the void like a whole in me
While my damn demons try to keep the whole empty
You're trying to live it, but the pessimism hold on me
If I seem I keep going is the soul in me
Let them know a nigga breath, I swear to God
I'm a ... get a better job
But that won't ..with the tank empty
I bet the ball, so I ....
Homie let it all!
I'mma let it all..

You don't know what you have
You gonna find it's all bad when I'm gone, and you're alone
I wanna give it to you!
Cause now I know where is at
That's why I'm.. it's such a drag back, but not for long!

The way I see the game, damn homie, it's so fucked up
Saying that I looked up, I climbed up the ladder now I'm at the top
Now what's up?
Nothing coming in the way of it
Except homie that they wanna hate on me,
but that's a giving!
Tell the world to wait on me if this ain't what the're feeling
Until then, grinding with the same click, I'll be on the same shit the lane, you'll be everywhere
Got everybody banging this
Homie I drop a dish ...
I'm about to drop thirty on you niggers
Going for the gold, chains worthy on you niggas
Blowing... on you niggas
The color getting dark on the pictures
Standing in the room, while the lights keep flicking
Time still passing, blunts still ashing
Younger used to be ashing
fuck all the chicks that pass me
Tell em to keep it classy, nigger! the... of rope
Bring it on, you play... someone else
Never felt this before
I don't feel the same anymore
Cause I don't need the shit going on
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