Mad'house - Like A Prayer Lyrics

Like A Prayer by Mad'house
Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone
I hear you call my name
And it feels like home
When you call my name it`s like a little prayer
I`m down on my knees, I wanna take you there
In the midnight hour I can feel your power
Just like a prayer you know I`ll take you there
I hear your voice, it`s like an angel sighing
I have no choice, I hear your voice
Feels like flying
I close my eyes, Oh God I think I`m falling
Out of the sky, I close my eyes
Heaven help me
Like a child you whisper softly to me
You`re in control just like a child
Now I`m dancing
It`s like a dream, no end and no beginning
You`re here with me, it`s like a dream
Let the choir sing
Just like a prayer, your voice can take me there
Just like a muse to me, you are a mystery
Just like a dream, you are not what you seem
Just like a prayer, no choice your voice can take me there
Just like a prayer, I`ll take you there
It`s like a dream to me
Writer(s): Patrick Leonard, Madonna .
Copyright: Emi Blackwood Music Inc., Orangejello Music, Wb Music Corp., Webo Girl Publishing Inc.
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