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Glocca Morra - Eat The Fuckin Snow Lyrics

I was looking out at twenty feet of snow
That kept us in a fifth story apartment.
But I donít, so he can have another.
Some things stick when you throw hard enough,
But I donít, he can have another, he can have another.

I reinvest myself into the auction hell
Play it a little faster every hour.
It can happen to you any day, now.

So I sit alone up in my room,
Listening to old Green Day records.
All by myself, some favorite bands,
A couple friends and what it means to be 16 again.

These old things make me blue.

I was on the beach, to clear the memory,
Too sad to see it go, but too fucked up to care.

I spend my summer in your parentsí bedroom,
Getting stoned and doing nothing.

Spend my winter in some old apartments,
Getting stoned and doing nothing.
Spend my summer in your parentsí bedroom,
Watching Casey make her own choices forever.
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