Worthwhile - At Seapoint Lyrics

Swept from home to a place
That doesn't call me one of its own.
Time, just like the river, never flows the other way.
Life is just a breath, it'll take everything it gave.
Finding out this isn't you,
I went 10,000 miles in another's shoes.
This current has me scared wide-eyed, wasting in the tide.

I'm a healing scar,
I have a heart,
But it's beating inside a chest I keep locked.

But the same blood runs through me
As every other man whose done great things.

I grew when I saw every dream wouldn't come true,
But for some reason I can't just sit by.
I shoot for the sky.
I live as if I'll never die,
But I can feel that open water calling for me.
The ice-cold current carries us to sea.
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Worthwhile Lyrics

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