News - Watch Karmin's video in support of second single Brokenhearted

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YouTube sensation group Karmin have debuted their music video in support of their second pop single Brokenhearted, which follows Amy Heidemann as she meets Nick Noonan at what looks like a house party. They seem to have a good time together, but he leaves her confused when he doesn't call her the next day just the way lyrics keep coming: See I've been waiting on this/ For you to call me baby/ So let's get up, let's get on it/ Don't you leave me broken hearted tonight/ Come on, that's right. Instead of ringing her, he goes out with another girl. Why do that Nick?!

This video was a blast to create on a few different levels, Nick said about the Marc Klasfeld-directed clip. We really wanted to showcase the live performance energy of Karmin with a dose of some on-screen chemistry, since it's inspired by how we met.

Amy elaborated, There's this twist ending that rips your heart out. I mean, who can't relate to wanting something you can't have? More specifically, loving someone who has no idea or who is already in a relationship? This is for you! Well, thanks Amy.

Watch the video premiere of Karmin's "Brokenhearted" below: