News - Destiny Child feature new song Nuclear prod. by Pharell Williams

Beyonce Knowles reunites with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams for an upcoming album titled "Love Songs."

"I am so proud to announce the first original Destiny's Child music in eight years!," said Bey a few weeks ago.

"Love Songs" is Destiny's Child second compilation which will include romantic songs recorded between 1997 and 2004.

"Nuclear" is the first recorded track since 2004 of the Destiny's Child, which was produced by Pharell Williams and was co-written by Michelle Williams, James Fauntleroy and Lonny Bereal.

See "Love Songs" tracklist below.

Destinys Child Love Songs track listing
1) Cater 2 U (2004 Destiny Fulfilled)
2) Killing Time (1998 Destinys Child)
3) Second Nature (1998 Destinys Child)
4) Heaven (2002 Simply Deep)
5) Now That Shes Gone (1999 The Writings On The Wall)
6) Brown Eyes (2001 Survivor)
7) If (2004 Destiny Fulfilled)
8) Emotion (2001 Survivor)
9) If You Leave (featuring Next) (1999 The Writings On The Wall)
10) TShirt (2004 Destiny Fulfilled)
11) Temptation (1999 The Writings On The Wall)
12) Say My Name (Timbaland remix) (2002 This Is The Remix)
13) Love (2004 Destiny Fulfilled)
14) Nuclear (2013 Destinys Child Love Songs)