News - Eminem streams a new song called Guts Over, celebrating 15 years in the game

Read the lyrics here Guts Over Fear.

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We just had it that Eminem is hitting the stores with a new album late this Friday, an album thats entitled Shady XV. Marshall is celebrating 15 years in the game this year, so this might be the meaning of the XV in the album name. Weve yet to hear an official version of this info.

Guts Over Fear is a track that might be on the upcoming album. It spreads a sorrowful and remorseful vibe, putting out a lot of inside daemons and aching questions that remain rhetorical. Do I really belong in this game, I pondered / I just wanna play my part / Should I make waves or not? A bit of the Harold Bloom blues in this verse:

How many times can I say the same thing different ways that rhyme? The anxiety of influence: how do I know that other people havent layed it out clearer and in a more effective way than I did? Is voicing the thought of the majority the way, or should I be original and formulate a different thought? These are some of the questions Eminem asks himself in the song.

Sia plays her role really good too. Unlike Dio in a latter Marshall track, she imbues her words with both an unequal perfunctoriness, a stupefied state in which no escape route can be sighted, and in the same time, a sort of mind over matter philosophy, formulated, as the title says, as guts over fear.

The song will also be one of the soundtracks from the movie The Equalizer, with Denzel Washington.

Hope there will be no guilt in-between you and the fact you listened to this song, because although its a pretty baffling one, with a lot of emotions involved, its tones surely made me click replay a couple of times. Here it is: